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Translation • Transcreation • Copywriting • Editing
English – Dutch & Dutch – English
Corporate & Marketing – E-learning & Education
The challenge

You’re looking for the right words. You know what your message should do and who should hear it. Your audience, your market and the other stakeholders are all in focus. Your next step: a suitable text or translation that spurs your audience into action. And so, you are looking for a communication expert with excellent language skills, extensive cultural knowledge and creative competence. A perfectionist who is at home in your world and who delivers words that work – in Dutch and in English.

11+ years of experience

4 million+ words

The solution

Tailor-made communication. Your message deserves personal attention – and I will give it plenty. During our briefing I will ask you everything: about you, about your product, your stakeholders and your objectives. With a thorough and individual approach and armed with my experience, expertise and creativity, I add value to your texts. Whether you want a sophisticated translation or a new, snappy text of your own, I deliver words that move your audience – and get them moving.

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My input …
… your goals
My offering

Together we determine the service that best meets your needs:

English – Dutch & Dutch – English

Your translation starts with a conversation about your target audience, the purpose of your message and the tone you wish to set. I research every new assignment. This ensures that I can produce an attractive, creative and accurate translation which is aligned to the location, culture and style of your audience. This localisation process ensures maximum effectiveness of your text.

English – Dutch & Dutch – English

Some people describe transcreation as creative translation, but that is not quite correct. When transcreating, I rewrite the message in the target language, usually based on the original project brief. This is a fitting approach when the original text does not lend itself to straight-up translation. Transcreation entails translation and copywriting and is often used for marketing formats, including slogans, luxury brochures and commercials.

Dutch and English

Starting with an extensive brief and thorough research, I write original and engaging texts. This creative process requires a lot of hard work – and I’m happy to do it for you.

Dutch and English

I edit your existing communications to ensure your text meets your needs. I focus on accuracy, creativity, clarity and flow, to create a message with maximum effectiveness.

All my activities require accurate work. For translation, transcreation and copywriting, for example, I apply the four eyes principle. This means that after I have written the text and checked it for correct spelling and grammar, as well as flow, effectiveness and authenticity, a trusted colleague and native speaker performs these checks again. Exaggerated? No – this is quality control. Of course, we can agree to adjust this good working practice, for example if you already work with an editor.

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Subject areas & expertise

I’m not an all-round wordsmith – and don’t want to be one either. I specialise in subjects that hold my interest and I invest a lot in my development. I focus on corporate communication, marketing, e-learning and education, and I like a challenge.

For my texts and translations, I leverage my expertise and experience acquired during my anthropology studies and in positions I held in the care and service sector, education, management and the business world. My innate curiosity ensures that my general and cultural knowledge stay up to date.

I’m a continuous learner and I plan my development meticulously; I read and do a lot of research, and attend conferences, courses, webinars and workshops. I’m a member of several professional associations and networks and I frequently discuss developments with clients. All this keeps me growing as a writer and translator and ensures that my knowledge of your field stays current, allowing me to draft the powerful messages that inspire your audience.

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I will only set to work after knowing everything there is to know about your product. This is not excessive curiosity; it is professionalism – because your text must fully meet your needs.

My conscientious approach allows me to add value to your communication. My aim is to create a premium, tailored message that helps you realise your objectives. Most translation agencies cannot or will not work like this – and neither can translation engines. My method is also scalable; with my large network of language professionals, I can help you with larger projects as well. All the while, I retain control and ensure uniform, premium quality. After all, your ambition is my ambition.

As the work process is iterative, language products go through various improvement cycles. After your detailed brief, I will write the first draft. I then review and improve this text at least twice, after which a trusted colleague also checks the message multiple times, analysing and polishing it word for word. After my final review of the text, you receive the version that is ready for publication. But that’s not it! After all, it’s your text, so the final revision round is your opportunity to review and suggest improvements. This after-sales service is always part of my offering and it ensures that you’re 100% satisfied.

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I can proudly say that I’ve delivered millions of words to satisfied clients. Some examples:

EN-NL translation, transcreation & editing:
All internal and external communication for listed packaging companies • web content for a prestigious Dutch international film festival • Dutch Language Lead for the #1 processor producer in the world • HR training for fast food restaurant managers • countless e-learning courses for a wide range of professionals • online and app content for UK heritage sites and museums • marketing texts and blog posts for an exclusive hotel chain • multimedia suite and literature for a supply chain management system • interviews with musicians and film directors
NL-EN translation, transcreation & editing:
Brand strategy brochure for a producer of Agile and Lean tools • policy documents, course descriptions, management information and all other internal and external communication for a leading Dutch university of applied sciences • marketing material for sustainable wood products • digital and print content for a trade union • employee surveys • website texts for a prestigious Dutch international film festival • marketing material and online content for museums and hotels • assessor training materials for a professional education certification body
Editing (EN-UK EN):
Witness statements for the UNAKRT (United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials); three-year project with weekly assignments
Copywriting (EN):
Multiple complete academic course packages comprising textbooks, exercise books and methodology and course descriptions • corporate story for a producer of Agile and Lean tools • HR workshops • promotional copy for travel destinations

A few facts about me:

Fascinated by people and cultures from an early age
Graduated as anthropologist with a passion for writing
Work experience in Dutch: in the care and service industry, both in the public and private sector
Work experience in English: nine years in various positions at English-language schools and universities abroad: as a teacher, lecturer, coach, course developer and manager
11+ years of experience as copywriter and English-Dutch & Dutch-English translator; part-time from 2009, full-time freelance language specialist since 2014
Always closely connected to the Netherlands and at home in your market
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I will always make time to see how I can help you. While I work during CET office hours, I can be available at other times as well. Please share your information and needs, and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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